Valentine’s Card – 6 Special Options

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! So we’d better prepare for it much like the marketeers do for Christmas; get you thinking about this most-romantic-of-all-holidays well in advance.

Valentine, heart, sarcasm


Instead of the usual gift ideas, let’s turn our attention to the tried and true Valentine’s Day card.
With a little twist, here are a few unique choices that you may not have considered:

1. Sarcastic Valentine
What says “I love you” more than the chomp of biting sarcasm. Disclaimer: You might think twice about this if your partner doesn’t share your sense of humor!

Valentine, heart, sarcasm


2. Romantic Valentine
Set the mood with a serious card devoted to wooing your Valentine off his or her feet and into a more emotional connection. This could be a home run for you romantic types.

Valentine, heart, romance


3. Goth Valentine
Perhaps you and your sweetheart are a bit on the dark, macabre side of things. You both love everything Tim Burton has ever done; and Abby from NCIS is one of your heroes. Here’s one for you.

Valentine, heart, gothic


4. NASCAR Valentine
Well you may not be a Carl Edwards fan, but you love seeing those cars go ’round in circles! Love is a wrench-turning, wheel-spinning adventure for you. How about the NASCAR Valentine?

Valentine, heart, NASCAR


5. Superhero Valentine
For the significant other who seemingly gets everything done, makes origami out of chaos, and still manages to put on clean clothes everyday, this might be what you’re looking for.

Valentine, heart, superhero


6. Vintage Valentine
Lastly, perhaps you yearn for a simpler time. A vintage, or retro, card is just what you need to soothe your 2012 heart and take you back to the ’30’s or ’40’s.

Valentine, heart, vintage


Assuming you will give a Valentine’s card, which one of these fine card types would you choose for your special Valentine?

77 Comments on “Valentine’s Card – 6 Special Options”

  1. beckyday6 says:

    HA! I love the Goth and NASCAR Valentine’s their hilarious:) I have to admit I had no idea it was even close to valentines day haha. It’s one of those holidays I always forget, along with mothers day and fathers days :S Thanks for reminding me! Haha

  2. El Guapo says:

    Great set! Too many choices though. Guess I’ll just go with roses again.

  3. The Hook says:

    Cool concept – again!

  4. I adulation the Goth also, but I would go with the Vintage or Romantic for sure. The Goth one is so adapted for that genre.

  5. I like them all except the romantic one. Color me jaded:-).

  6. I once sent out a Christmas card with the Adams family on it. The message had one of their typical offbeat comments about the holiday. Quite a hoot! So, you might think my choice would be #3 Goth Valentine. It isn’t, but it is dark and appeals to my warped sense of humor.

  7. What a creative way to celebrate the Valentine. I’m a Vintage girl myself, but I laughed at loud at the Goth. Go figure.

  8. I would go with sarcastic or goth, for sure!

  9. Just want to say thanks for the last comment. totally cool!!1 By the way, you’re right , I’ll go for the romantic. Have a great weekend.

  10. Valentine’s Day was my wedding anniversary. I never liked to celebrate it because I have a horror of pink stuff and romance, so my husband cleverly suggested that, this way, we would have something else to celebrate and could have a nice Valentine’s Day without actually celebrating Valentine’s Day. I still celebrate it, even now that he’s gone. Wow, that was a downer comment! I actually very much like the private ritual, so Valentine’s Day now has a special place in my heart, just the way he wanted it to. Well, maybe not exactly the way he wanted it to…

    • mj monaghan says:

      I’m glad Valentine’s Day is still special even though he’s gone. It would be a bummer otherwise. I shall send you Valentine’s Day mojo in advance today! Happy anniversary-not-celebrating-Valentine’s-Day to you, Chris!

  11. […] Valentine’s Card – 6 Special Options ( […]

  12. Very timely (and funny), Mike.

  13. hellenjc says:

    Hilarious !!!!!!!!!

  14. The Queen says:

    I think the sarcasm one is the most realistic! As long as there is chocolate, I don’t get wrapped up in the card!

  15. I do love that simpler one at the end, but my favorite line of this blog is this, ‘makes origami out of chaos’. That is 100% pure awesome.

  16. Sunshine says:

    Er, skip the cards . . . chocolates only please, pretty peeeaase?😉

  17. I still would go for the romantic but I’m tempted to go for sarcasm. I’m not sure though if I’m ready for its consequences…. Women still love some bit if romance…. Cool post!

  18. Barb says:

    Love the Goth card. My friends and I exchange cards from hunks: Johnny Depp, George Clooney. Superman. It makes Valentines a little more special.

  19. Bethie says:

    Oh goodness! I’d be ecstatic to get a superhero or vintage one.😛 (I’m a bit nerdy…) But it would be so like me to give a sarcastic one. has an awesome collection of sarcasm! These guys have to be my favourites:

  20. craftwhack says:

    Okay, that goth card is hilarious!

  21. The last one I got was in the 4th grade. From Belinda.

  22. lorrelee1970 says:

    It’s so gross, but I’m partial to the Goth Valentine.

  23. arbohl says:

    Bahaha too funny. I literally laughed out loud when I read the goth valentine!

  24. Kanerva says:

    Ystävänpäivä (friends day) is how the Finns celebrate 14th February. It’s all about friendship, although in the last few years I’ve noticed that the romance side is being pushed more and more. Probably the biggest promotor: the post office! They even remind you to post your cards in time:)

    We’ve never done anything special for the 14th. Romance is just not on The Engineer’s radar! The sarcastic card would suit us both😎

  25. Arindam says:

    All these cards are beautiful! You did a great job in posting them for others! Really nice post Mj!:)
    When a person is in love with someone, then everyday is just like valentine day. Why to wait for a specific day to show our love to our dear ones. Although I do not have any one to gift the card, neither I have to set the reminder for Feb 14th.:) Still if I have to chose then it’s going to be the first one for sure. !

  26. Joe says:

    My wife and I tend to agree Valentine’s Day is a little overrated. Why limit displaying your love for your mate on just one day?

    However, to support your cause, if I had to choose one card of the above listed, I’d likely go with the first choice.

    BTW, I LOVE the first image with the candy hearts…absolutely hilarious!

    • mj monaghan says:

      You know, Joe, I can’t believe you were the first person to mention the image with the candy hearts. When I found it, I thought it was hilarious as well. Not a single snarky comment at all about that.

      I agree, that love should be year round as well, my friend.

  27. Love all those cards… hubby has taken to getting all mushy and romantic lately (not a bad thing at all). He tries to be sacastic and flip, but i know deep down he’s a romantic:)
    Our last Anniversary he got a teddy and flowers delivered!, now he never does that!

    • mj monaghan says:

      The Romantics are holding the lead by a long-shot in the Valentine’s card race. He sounds like me. I try to cover my feelings with sarcasm as well. Nice job on the last anniversary!

  28. Cathy says:

    My humor might be sarcastic but I’ll definitely throw the sarcastic valentine card at the face of whoever attempts to give it to me. Hahaha. Valentine’s is the perfect time to be romantic after all.:)

  29. Nisha says:

    Oh definitely the Goth one!! He he😉

    Well actually, I wouldn’t mind receiving one of those but I don’t think the boyfriend would appreciate it (he’s way more of a romantic than I am!!).

  30. Inevitably, I will pick a random blank card for MTM that has nothing whatsoever to do with Valentine’s Day, and I will write mushy drivel inside it, and I will present it to him under his pillow on the 13th, because I will not be able to wait until the 14th. Then, he will spend all day on the 14th waiting for his “real” card, one of the standard models you outline. Only, I am too scatterbrained to have that one ready, leaving me scrambling to write something gushy on a scrap of paper to present to his frowny face sometime before the end of the day.

    • mj monaghan says:

      Andra, you are TERRIBLE about waiting. As bad as anyone I’ve ever known! Poor guy. This year, I’m challenging you to wait until the 14th. ha Can you do it? Wait, he might think something’s wrong if you’re that unpredictable. Oh well, I think you should try to wait this year and see how close to the actual date you get.:)

      • If I don’t give him the pre-day card now, he will be hurt. BUT………it can be a non-valentine, right? A just because card? Ooooh, that would earn me mucho brownie points, wouldn’t it?

        • mj monaghan says:

          You know, you bring up some good points! And yes, mucho brownie points, my friend. Can’t argue with you there. I know you’ll be sweet to MTM, regardless!:)

  31. Lori Franks says:

    I like the romantic card to give and receive. Pretty mushy at our house and that’s the way we like it!

    • mj monaghan says:

      Nothing wrong with that Lori. Love is a serious thing. That’s pretty much where my ever-present sense of humor steps back and actually gets serious for a change. hehehe

  32. littlesundog says:

    It’s all the way Romantic at our house. Sometimes I even receive one of those pretty little square boxes that contains bling. FD is a hopeless romantic… I’m a lucky girl!

    By the way, you intrigue me… what man… ANY man, thinks of Valentine’s day THIS EARLY??

    • mj monaghan says:

      I’m afraid I’m with you on the Romantic for sure. I would actually prefer a “Vintage-Romantic” if they were easy to get a hold of. I am definitely a hopeless, or should I say hopeful romantic as well.

      Valentine’s Day will always hold a special place in my heart because MLB and I were separated by a few hundred miles from January through about May when we were dating. Our first Valentine’s Day was super-special. That may have to be another post!:)

  33. territerri says:

    My husband has a habit of buying me those corny/cartoony/humorous type cards. So I do the same in return. The last one I bought for him said something like, “To the man who knows me, inside and out…. And had the guts to marry me anyway.”

    • mj monaghan says:

      He’s probably just afraid to get all serious, huh? I usually use humor to deflect almost all the time except on Valentine’s Day. I guess I’m a hopeless romantic that way.

  34. riatarded says:

    I suppose I will go for the two that I loved! Most probably the goth one though!

    I wouldn’t mind receiving any of those two! What about you?

  35. riatarded says:

    I love the Goth and Vintage cards! The goth themed card had my laughing so hard! hahah

  36. Kricket says:

    To give: Romantic Valentine
    To receive: Romantic or VIntage Valentine
    I’m very much into the Jane Austin books and movies right now.:)
    Are you going to tell Steve about my choices?

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